New combinations in bathroom furniture and countertops

At Nuovvo we present you the available product and the new combinations of bathroom furniture, countertops and washbasins in effect as of February 1st, 2023. All our countertops are with Uniform texture. Discover our new countertop and washbasin models.  Click on the image to enlarge or to download the pdf click here

New paint kits and repair kits

From our Quality Area, the following improvements have been implemented for Repair Kits and Recovery Kits. Kits have now a new packaging with greater security, informative labeling of the products and corresponding pictograms based on current regulations. On the other hand, we want to inform you that the Recovery Kit is renamed as Paint Kit.

30% weight reduction in shower trays

We’ve done it again! Our R+D+I department has marked a new milestone in the line of research that we develop on our products, to provide new advantages and benefits to our customers. Very soon, we will present a very important improvement in our shower trays, with a new NUOVVO-SIZE formulation and using nanotechnology in its […]

Continuous improvement of our products

Our R+D+I department works on the continuous improvement of our products, as well as new developments, more efficient and effective systems. For this reason, among other solutions that we will present shortly, in the coming days we will proceed to replace the current system of our magnetised covers with a new system that allows us […]