Creativeskin terrazzo imitation by Nuovvo

We know that most trends come back over the years, but terrazzo has come back with more force than ever to sneak into our bathrooms. This mixture of concrete with marble, quartz or granite chips, has returned from the 70’s to be implanted as a material in trend, one of the favourite materials among interior decorators and design professionals.

In Nuovvo, once again we are ahead of the trends in the design market and we present two imitation terrazzo shower trays, included in the Naturalia collection of our Creativeskin® personalized trays.

Two new designs that achieve very interesting compositions, making each shower tray a unique piece that brings a fresh and casual look to the bathroom. The Cox model in more contrasting shades, which will fill the bathroom with character, and the Redovan model in more neutral shades.

In addition, as is usual with our Creativeskin design, we offer the possibility of customizing panels to cover the walls of the shower itself or the exterior. These panels can have the same design as the shower tray and will also be seamless like the shower trays. Therefore, continuity is offered between the shower tray and the wall, which will bring a great advance in the design of the bathroom.

Creativeskin shower trays are custom made. This allows us to deliver it cut to exact dimensions if necessary, leaving the factory at the final size desired by the client. An exclusive treatment for your tray, and a very useful feature when we have irregular walls or there are pillars.

Like the rest of the models in our catalogue, these models are antibacterial, as they are manufactured with sanitary Gel Coat, a material that makes it impossible for germs and bacteria to proliferate, a great advantage compared to floor-level shower drains, and in addition, they are totally non-slip.

In short, two designs of pure 2020 trend in interior design that will create exquisite and elegant bathrooms.

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