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CORNER, the shower tray with the most revolutionary magnet system

Positioned as NUOVVO® ‘s iconic product, the CORNER shower tray is the result of intense research by the brand’s R+D+i team, who have achieved a tray with enviable evacuation and impeccable aesthetics, qualities that are already representative of the company.

INNOVATION – The CORNER shower tray stands out for its cover, which is kept in a fixed position thanks to an innovative system of magnets with three support points that prevent it from moving, a revolutionary concept in the sector that will keep the cover in place. In addition, the texture of the lid is a continuation of the surface of the tray, a quality that makes it a shower tray with a clean and flawless design.

shower tray corner

CORNER has a clean, subtle and elegant corner drainage solution that goes almost unnoticed and leaves practically the entire shower tray free. It also has a valve capable of draining off a large amount of water, as well as an overflowing cover, which gives it an elegant and sophisticated design.

DESIGN – This shower tray shows the perfection of the Evolution texture, an anti-slip texture that is pleasant to the eye and touch, which also expands to the cover, creating a continuous and uniform surface.

CUSTOMIZED – The CORNER shower tray is totally adaptable to any space, as it allows for cutting to size and we can choose to position our drain on the left or on the right.

shower tray corner

DURABILITY AND RESISTANCE: It is a large format shower tray, measuring up to 250x100cm, it is mass-pigmented and has an anti-cracking system that guarantees that it will neither crack nor are there any layers of paint that can be lifted.

With this tray, NUOVVO® is further establishing itself as a benchmark in the design and manufacturing of shower trays.

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