New year, new website

We start 2020 with one of the big changes that our company will present this year: WE LAUNCH A NEW WEBSITE!

Our website is the showcase of who we are and what we do. That’s why we have decided to improve it, both in aesthetics and in usability, with a responsive design to make it easier to navigate through.

In order to do this we have opted for a complete renovation. Our new website has a simple and clear design. A completely updated website where you can find all our products and from which you can follow our news.

This year is full of changes for Nuovvo, where we are betting on digitalization and industrialization 4.0, where we are finalizing the implementation of our new production center, equipped with the latest technologies and looking forward to those to come. All this with a vocation oriented to satisfy our customers and facilitate their daily life.
2020: The year of change.

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