A look at the new offices

In Nuovvo we are pleased to inform you that we have permanently moved to our new facilities and we are already 100% operational at the following address:

C/ Portugal 4
Pol. Ind. San Carlos
03370 Redován (Alicante)

We are very proud of finally having a space tailored for us, a large production plant of more than 20,000 m² where we can manufacture up to 1,000 trays a day thanks to a fully automated infrastructure in our commitment to Industry 4.0, and with which we will achieve elevating our corporate values ​​to their maximum expression.

A new environment where ENTHUSIASM and TEAMWORK combine to achieve EXCELLENCE in each product, in order to continue standing out within the sector due to the INNOVATION and PROFESSIONALISM that characterize us. This change of facilities is the result of a long road full of obstacles that we have been able to overcome and through which we have come reinforced, thanks to our RESILIENCE and always motivated by our spirit of improvement.

Thank you for your permanent trust in us.
We grow with you and for you.



Interior design and execution in the entrance hall: www.arqdeco.es

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