Basins and countertops PuraPietra

This year in Nuovvo we launched a series of washbasins and countertops made of natural and compact marble which we have called Pura Pietra.

The natural stones, among which the marble stands out, are pieces of wild beauty formed with the passage of the years, with the union of diverse minerals, a pressure, forces and extraordinary conditions, impossible to reproduce again. As a 100% natural product they are always different in tone, they have different types of veins, incrustations of other minerals or fossils and some other irregularities that enhance their beauty and make them totally unique.  This texture, colour, veins and mottles make each product something exclusive that nobody will ever be able to repeat.

Our natural stones have been selected from the best quarries and we apply water-repellent and oil-repellent treatments against stains, which prevent the proliferation of bacteria, facilitating their cleaning and preserving the original beauty for a long time. Give an exclusive touch to your bathroom with a unique and unrepeatable piece as only the authentic stone
can offer you.


Discover our collection of PuraPietra products:











All of them are available in our selection of natural and compact stones:



  • Carrara
  • Crema marfil
  • Marrón emperador
  • Verde india
  • Pietra gris
  • Negro marquina
  • Calacatta compacto
  • Gris polar compacto
  • Negro marquina compacto
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